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TradeTopia gives you easy access to critical information on any of your devices. With it you can streamline your processes, improving your efficiencies. You are able to share real-time construction job information including schedules, purchase orders, documents, and more. Built to ensure builders and suppliers are working from a single source of truth – online, in real-time.



TradeTopia Features:

  • Bid Management: Efficiently work with builders, understand project information and collaborate on bid packages

  • Purchasing: Submit purchase and change orders and generate invoices to submit directly to builders

  • Scheduling and Project Management: Automatically receive schedule updates and preview all job schedules

  • Service Orders: Manage service requests through to completion and collaborate with the builder
  • Plus More: BuildTopia has committed to more development of the TradeTopia portal. In the future, we are looking forward to additional tools and functionality.

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