Allowing Your Homebuyers to be Constantly Connected

Customer Connect


Customer Connect Overview

Customers want access to information and to constantly be connect. Customer Connect utilizes emerging technologies while studying home buyer experiences throughout the build process to transform each stage of homebuilding.

  • Strengthen customer relationships with a homeowner portal that allows your customers to stay constantly connected
  • Ensure you never miss a thing with instant build process notifications and event reminders
  • Access materials, contractors, model numbers and training videos
  • Empower staff to provide exceptional customer experiences
  • Easily integrate your sales, scheduling or other software programs
  • Homeowners have access to warranty information, maintenance reminders and manuals

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Customer Connect Review

Our vision for customer service is providing easy to use, instant access to information that will readily answer homeowner questions on the operation and warranty of their new home.

Randy McConnell
Construction Manager

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