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CustomerInsight is a new group within Constellation, built with one goal in mind: improving the interactions between your business and homebuyers. Our goal is to make your customers happy and your company more profitable. Pulling together over 300 years of combined experience with Woodland O’Brien & Scott, CustomerConnect, Conasys Homeowner Care, and CustomerInsight, we are dedicated to customer experience, equipping homebuilders with operational strategies using feedback from customers, trade partners, employees and prospects.


What We Offer

We help homebuilders improve operations by achieving excellent customer experience using a three-part process:



We conduct independent "voice of the customer" surveying at key moments with performance metrics and strategic analysis to help builders meet and exceed customer expectations.

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We dive deeper into the organizational process through customer experience journey mapping to improve your overall building process through the eyes of the customer.

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Our powerful communication platforms add value to your homes, allowing homebuilders to strengthen relationships with your buyers.

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Technology Platforms to Communicate with your Customer

Our software and communication platforms can help strengthen customer relationships and manage process deficiencies. Whether you’re looking to enhance your reputation or to get ahead of the competition, we have the tools to measure customer satisfaction at every stage of the homebuilding cycle and ensure your buyers are constantly connected anytime, anywhere.



Customers want access to information and to constantly be connected to their home purchase. You have the ability to transform each stage of the homebuilding cycle by utilizing emerging technologies while studying home buyer experiences throughout the build process. CustomerConnect is a tool that allows you to manage and analyze the home buyer experience throughout the entire build process:

  •   -   Purchase Experience
  •   -   Selections Experience
  •   -   Construction Experience
  •   -   Orientation Experience.
  •   -   Closing Experience
  •   -   Client Concierge
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Homeowner Central …by CONASYS

Homeowner Central is a beautiful, turn-key digital and print companion for completed home. The platform was built specifically for new home builders and developers, offering fully interactive homeowner and builder specific portals that enhance the homeowner experience. Homeowners can access a wealth of information from any device through engaging and intuitive web portals:

  •   -   Sales and Marketing kit
  •   -   HomeOwner Portal
  •   -   Builder Portal
  •   -   Deficiency Management
  •   -   Deficiency Management
  •   -   Work Order Management
  •   -   Product Guides and Manuals
  •   -   Maintenance Reminders & Warranty Milestones
  •   -   Maintenance Reminders & Warranty Milestones
  •   -   Detailed Reports
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Home Inspector …by CONASYS

The Conasys Home Inspector is a tool for the builder to perform digital walkthrough inspections of the home. These checkpoints provide both the builder and homeowner with peace of mind that their investment is protected. The app is designed to provide the following inspections:

  •   -   Frame walk inspections
  •   -   Pre-delivery inspections
  •   -   Final warranty walkthroughs
  •   -   13-month final signoffs
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CustomerInsight Consulting & Strategic Analysis

We complete a full 360-degree assessment across all brand touchpoints before prescribing a comprehensive strategy for you. Suggested priorities will be provided to enhance customer satisfaction and increase referral sales.

- Comprehensive review of customer data
- Compare results against database of 1M+ customer surveys
- Identify patterns and performance trends
- Understand what makes your home building company unique

Programs We Provide


Mystery Shopping

Send in our third-party experts to pose as new home buyers – put your front-line sales to the test.

Employee Workshops & Training

Once you’ve set your process, our team of experts is here to ensure that your team in on board with the plan.

Organizational Audit

We audit each department to identify the areas of your company that are influencing your brand both positively and negatively.

Operational Mapping

Take a step back and map your entire process using data from our customer and stakeholder surveys.

Customer Experience Mapping

From the perspective of your homebuyers, we review your entire customer journey and present it back to you – you’ll be surprised by the results!

Referral Sales Programs

We help you develop a strategic plan of action with on-site referral sales programs to ensure your entire staff and management team are on the same page.

Home Delivery & Presentation Programs

We help you develop a strategic plan of action with on-site home delivery and presentation programs for an in-depth view of company performance and priorities.

Customer Experience Surveys & Performance Metrics

Throughout your specific build process, whether high-rise, low-rise, single family, your customers experience your organization’s systems, procedures, and people they come into contact with and are left with a lasting impression. To help understand the ever-changing needs of new homebuyers, we conduct and analyze in-depth homeowner surveys and harness Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback that uncover opportunities for improvement and drive referrals. For a full 360-degree view of your business, we conduct surveys with your stakeholders including employees, prospects and trade partners.


Homeowner Surveys

Our customer surveys are designed with the user in mind. We gather customer feedback using satisfaction surveys that reflect the home-buying customer experience, turning qualitative and quantitative data into meaningful insights. As a third-party, Customers are contacted by CustomerInsight, to document their unfiltered experience of the homebuying journey through email, and phone.


Pre-close survey

Surveys are conducted 60-90 days prior to possession date capturing the sales, selections and client interaction. Understanding customer feedback prior to possession will help ensure their expectations are aligned with your process, procedures and actively referring.


1-month survey

A second survey will be conducted 1 month post-possession. Understanding customer feedback shortly after the move-in date will help determine how your team performed in terms of delivering you’re your brand promises and if expectations have been met.


13-month survey

Another survey will be conducted 13 months post-possession. This is a critical time as 86% of new homebuyers recommend their builder after the first year of living in their new home. 13 months gives homeowners enough time to reflect on their experience and determine overall satisfaction.

Stakeholder Surveys

In addition to customer surveys, listening to stakeholders including prospects, employees and trade partners are also essential. Eliminate any potential blind spots that can hold you back from exceeding your goals by collecting feedback from all sources.


Trade partner survey

Understand how well you communicate by talking to trade partners who have insight into your pitfalls and ways to improve overall interactions.


Prospect survey

Understand the whole buying journey by talking to prospects who have insight into the sales process and interactions between staff members.


Employee survey

Understand how your company is perceived and which internal processes are most efficient by talking to employees who have valuable insight into key improvement opportunities.

  • "Intracorp is committed to providing an extraordinary experience to our Homeowners.  Our partnership with CONASYS and its Homeowner Portal platform adds to this experience, providing a market leading tool for Homeowners to have an always-available, resource for accessing information on their individual home."

    Don Forsgren, President & CEO, Intracorp Projects Ltd.

  • "The Conasys platform will positively impact almost all facets of our business, from how we engage and interact with our homeowners to how we are perceived as an industry innovator. But more importantly it will allow us to provide an enhanced home ownership experience and allow our residents to better understand and enjoy their home."

    Chris Colbeck, VP Sales & Marketing

  • "Conasys’ platform will allow us to deliver an unparalleled home ownership experience. The information our homeowners will have access to is both relevant and detailed, and made available via an incredibly engaging and easy-to-use platform. It will encourage a better understanding of the home, which will allow our customers to better enjoy their investment."

    Ameet Johal, Director of Sales and Marketing

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