NHLS – Distributing your listings and leads to the right place, at the right time, every time.

NHLS Distribution Engine

NHLS Distribution Engine Overview

One Enhanced Platform for All Your Online Listings & Leads.

Over 90% of your buyers are searching online before they ever visit a builder. Digital listings are essential, but with so many different websites featuring them, create a time-consuming challenge for builders.

Now, imagine ONE place to easily create and update ALL your listings and collect your leads, with just a few clicks. That’s the beauty of New Home Listing Service (NHLS™). Dedicated exclusively to NEW homes, NHLS™ provides the listing hub and syndication portal builders need to connect with buyers across North America.


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Home Builder Benefits:

  • Listing Management
    One site for listing management - Integrated Information and everything you need to manage content in 1 central place.

  • Aggregation and Distribution
    One site for aggregate and distribution listings - update listings across numerous real estate advertising sites, with n technology requirement (it's already done for you).

  • Lead Management
    One site to aggregate and distribute leads - capture leads and connect them to your favorite CRM tool only once, saving you time and cost.

With NHLS™, you’ll never duplicate data entry again, helping you match  the right buyer with the perfect home faster than ever.


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NHLS Distribution Engine Review

"We are excited for the 3 year partnership with NHLS™. We enjoy the site’s functionality and especially appreciate the stats it provides. We signed up for 3 years as we anticipate large growth for NHLS™ and we want to be a part of that. We see the long term potential for this web destination and feel it fills a void for consumers in the market place. We at Red Tree believe this will help us connect with the new buyers marketplace on a different level than we are used to. It’s going to be an exciting 3 years!"

— Brett Taylor | CEO/Founder, Red Tree Custom Homes


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