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Woodland, O'Brien & Scott

Woodland, O'Brien & Scott

Woodland O’Brien & Scott is one of the oldest and most trusted Voice of the Customer firms in the industry. Our focus has always been on providing home builders with analysis and strategies based on detailed customer feedback. We inspire organizational change and help builders and developers to create a network of customers enthusiastically recommending you to their family and friends.

We are uniquely qualified to help home builders achieve their goals.

Woodland O’Brien & Scott joined Constellation HomeBuilder Systems in 2016, combining operational expertise with software & technology. A dedicated team of analysts, consultants and staff to manage the multi-faceted survey process that is the most extensive in the industry. By joining forces, operational data is now available to customers of Woodland, O’Brien & Scott in ways that it never had been before.

Woodland O’Brien & Scott continues to position itself as a pioneer in front-running customer satisfaction strategies adopted by the most successful and market-leading home builders in the country.

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