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Newstar for Multifamily Home Builders


Newstar for Multifamily Home Builders Overview

NEWSTAR is the single integrated software system that grows with your home
building, condominium and land development business. Designed for multi-family
construction projects and business management, NEWSTAR is a production and
accounting system that helps you make faster business decisions, reduce costs
and drive growth.

This ERP system will operate for all your core building functions bringing your
teams together and will ultimately provide you with a dynamic
process that fits your modern style of building.

Newstar for Multifamily Home Builder Benefits

  • Manage all your multi-family productions across all your business functions
  • Minimize the risk of financial errors through allocating budget costs across complex building projects
  • Oversee construction effectively on a variety of levels including the shell, floors, and units
  • Maximize sales by leveraging dynamic solutions at your sales center.
  • Reduce deficiency requests and improve your customer experience through homeowner care platforms


Product Options

Where does NEWSTAR operate for multi-family productions?

Leverage NEWSTAR as an integrated solution for all your
building needs for multi-family productions. The system will
operate for all your core building functions bringing your
teams together and will ultimately provide you with a dynamic
process that fits your modern style of building.


Newstar for Multifamily Home Builders Review

Qualico started using Constellation’s NEWSTAR platform January 1, 1999, remember Y2K compliance? The early years we used the basics, general ledger, costing and payroll. Over the next ten years slowly migrated to using the purchase order module. Our usage of the system back then was minor compared to today. Our NEWSTAR world changed dramatically over the last five years. We have several business units striving to use the entire suite of NEWSTAR products with many others right behind them. With the diversity and size of Qualico, we couldn’t have reached our implementation targets and improvements without the help of Constellation. Their employees are truly dedicated to improving the functionality and sophistication of the software. With every software product, we’ve had our challenges through implementations and internal buy-in, but Constellation has been there with us every step of the way, assisting with audits, suggesting best practices and two way communications. Most of all, they are committed to listening to our business issues that could be improved either through recommending alternative processes or software enhancements. We would recommend Constellation’s NEWSTAR software to any other production homebuilder seeking to increase their efficiency in the homebuilding market.

Kevin Klayh CPA, CMA
Vice-President, Corporate Controller

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Land Development

  • Gain an unprecedented level of land development budgeting control and maximize resource allocations across all parts of the multi-family project.
  • Compare building scenarios based on the types of land available against the profitability of the construction type.
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Land development

Accounting & Business Intelligence

  • Reduce costly errors across your multi-family project by integrating construction accounting practices and account for all aspects of construction.
  • Make informed decisions at a glance by leveraging powerful grid reports to see costs of inventory sold unsold and sales per square foot.
  • Establish project budget amounts and track operations costs by the shell, by floor and by suite/unit

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Warranty & Customer Service

  • Manage your deficiency requests promptly by utilizing a powerful homeowner care platform – perfect for any suite or unit owner to access via mobile.
  • Complete pre-delivery inspections via mobile even when off-line.
  • Track products inside each suite/unit and their maintenance and warranty information.

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Build Scheduling

  • Allocate land and building shell costs to individual units/suites.
  • Gain greater accuracy and time efficiency with mobile applications that allow real-time communication on the construction site.
  • Update schedules with ease through a task-based scheduling system for the construction of the shell structure, floors, and for each unit.
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Estimating & Purchasing

  • Increase the predictability of your business by managing building costs for each segment of production within a building complex.
  • Streamline and optimize your business processes by creating purchase orders linked to sales and construction schedules on a variety of levels.
  • Manage purchase orders for upgrade add-ons and link them to your units/suites
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Estimating Purchasing

Sales Management & CRM

FASTSaleFASTSales provides immediate, powerful new home sales management tools. FAST can also integrate with other sales systems for your convenience for further sales and marketing automation.

  • Drive a powerful operation from your sales center, showcase all available units linked to interior décor upgrade packages and schedule them by unit/suite.
  • Identify suite options and premiums for sale including parking spaces, storage space, suite premiums and floor premiums.
  • Ensure all design center upgrade packages are automatically scheduled for installation with all details from the homeowner of preferences.

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